Wake UP.



Smelling salts that are a unique combination of high-quality essential oils and ammonium that deliver a stimulating sensation.

Native Salts are the first smelling salts that smell good, provide instant alertness and last 6 months. 


Next time you plan to have caffeine; try Native Salts, a refreshing alternative that will help you wake up instantly. 


Active Ingredients: eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, glycerin, water, ammonium and polymer crystals.

Handmade Sustainable Smelling Salts

The Native Salts Story

Meet Andrew, the founder of Native Salts.


Our story begins at the University of Illinois. Andrew was studying for finals when his study partner pulled out a pouch, put it by his nose, and quickly withdrew in disgust. This was Andrew’s first exposure to smelling salts.


He was surprised by the effectiveness of the smelling salt, but they smelled bad and looked odd.


What if there was a smelling salt that created a stimulating, alert sensation, but also smelled good and could be used every day?


Enter Native Salts.


Partnering with his father, a chemical-engineer, Andrew created a recreational, all-natural smelling salt that is actually enjoyable to use.

Manufactured in Chicago, Native Salts are safe, refreshing smelling salts for anyone looking to kick-start their day. Enjoy the scent!


Native Salts - Quality Smelling Salts



How to use Native Salts?

Unscrew the cap, inhale vapors in each nostril and close cap. Repeat as desired.


Effects of Native Salts?

Native Salts give an effect of alertness, energy, and attentiveness which can last up to 20 minutes.


The longevity of Native Salts?

Native Salts last 6 months on average when used daily and the cap is closed tightly. 


What are smelling salts? 

Natural compounds that when smelled, are used to wake up and increase alertness. 


Are smelling salts bad for you?

 Since smelling salts produce only a small amount of ammonia gas, no adverse health problems from their situational use have been reported. Smelling Salts have been around since roman times.