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About Us

We are the maker, distributor, and supplier of the Native Salts smelling salts based in Chicago, Illinois since 2018. We’ve been helping individuals find a healthier option for a more focused and energetic lifestyle and performance while caring for our environment.


Our salts include a unique blend of natural ingredients, including eucalyptus and other essential oils, that offer a gentler and more natural alternative to traditional smelling salts, which typically contain almost only ammonium and are much more overbearing.


We want to continue the healthier trend and take pride in offering the safest, all-natural, reusable, and aromatic smelling salts that ordinary people and athletes prefer.

Our Team

Andrew Pickens

Andrew is the founder of Native Salts and a UIUC alumni with a business and sales background. He is a curious, inventive and passionate individual who is not afraid to put his own ideas to practice! He enjoyed playing Rugby during college and quickly fell in love with smelling salts. After dedicated years of research, he was able to develop a reusable, natural and refreshing smelling salt unlike any other on the market. Thus Native Salts was born!

Andrew Pickens - Native Salts Founder
Rob Pickens - Native Salts Co-founder

Rob Pickens

Rob is a Purdue Alumni with a Chemical Engineering background. He strongly supported his son Andrew in pursuing his dream of developing Native Salts during the early stages of their research. He helped reverse-engineer the components found in traditional smelling salts and built a solid foundation in which Andrew could run away with the rest. He’s always up for the task no matter how challenging it is! 

Our Mission

To take traditional smelling salts to a whole new level by providing the most healthy, convenient, accessible and refreshing smelling salt in the market.

Our Vision

Our vision of Native Salts is to be the main reusable, natural smelling salt with a very pleasant aroma that everyone can enjoy recreationally.


While Native Salts can still be effective for Powerlifters or athletes like traditional smelling salts, we wanted it to also be accessible for the average person. Something that can be used to give them a quick jolt of energy for everyday activities like waking up in the morning, long work meetings or even yoga sessions without having to use caffeine.


Native Salts doesn’t try to be anything fancy or over the top. It’s portable, simple to use, clean and smells better than any other smelling salt out on the market right now! We are trying to recreate the wheel and make an affordable high-quality product that everyone can use no matter who you are.

We Are Earth-Friendly

Native Salts is green and eco-friendly

Upon researching other smelling salts and other ammonia inhalant products, we discovered that many of them were disposable after activation. The packets and containers are oftentimes littered everywhere on the ground in sports stadiums and arenas, therefore creating a lot of waste in both packaging and product.


We wanted to create a smelling salt that was much more eco-friendly and reusable for a long period of time. Thus, we designed Native Salts with a long-lasting polymer capable of being stored in compact glass bottles so that they won't be tossed away after a one time use. It’s amazing how such a simple product that’s enjoyed by everyone can also promote green practices that are actually sustainable for the environment!

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