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Why did boxers always use smelling salts?

Beginning in the early 20th century, boxers began using smelling salts during boxing matches to keep themselves going after a particular tough blow to the head. This in fact, was not the proper usage of smelling salts nor goal for smelling salts. Often in theory, the smelling salts “revived” the fighter enough that he would stay conscious long enough to finish the match. In the 1970’s, smelling salts were banned in competitive boxing. This isn’t due to the inherent dangers of ammonia gas, (side note: ammonia gas is natural your body even produces) but rather that it potentially hides a more serious injuries that are caused during boxing.

When someone is injured or passed out during boxing, there’s a logical reasoning of why they knocked out. Their body is telling them to go to sleep or stay unconscious. The reasonable assumption goes that if someone needs to be revived using smelling salts, then there is a much larger medical issue (head trauma, concussions, neck issues) at stake and they should not be going back into the ring. This often was ignored in boxing but has been since identified as something that has become to end for boxer safety. It makes sense too, if you’re knocked out, there’s a reasoning why you’re knocked out, and smelling salts are not the answer there. Smelling salts should only be used in conscious states, or when needed for alertness and a sense of focus. Not for boxing blows.

While smelling salts have been banned in boxing for years, they are still legal and used in tons of sports. In fact, there has been in a rise in use of them in the past 10 years, especially in football and hockey, where jarring hits can make one woozy. Peyton Manning, Michael Strahan, Landon Donovan, Alexander Ovechkin, Samuel Eto’o, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady are just a few of the more notable players who have either admitted to or have been photographed sniffing smelling salts on the sidelines before a big play or move.

Just about, every major sports team uses and relies on smelling salts for peak performance & awareness, if you look on any sideline from football & baseball, there’s capsules all over, hence why we wanted to create a smelling salt that could be reused, recycled, and not littered all over town. Current top-notch athletes like Ezekiel Elliot & Clay Matthews are some of the few that use smelling salts at every game, check this article here:

Relevant article on smelling salts: “Just a few minutes into the game, the Cowboys have discarded so many capsules that the area in front of their bench looks like the floor of a kid's bedroom after trick-or-treating. (Don't change the Cowboys' moniker to Ammonia's Team just yet. There are dozens of discarded smelling salts capsules on the Rams' sideline too.)”

This impacted our decision when creating smelling salts into a vile that can be reused more than once, and if used daily, the natural smelling salts, can be used up to 6 months. We even have customers that say their smelling salts have lasted more than a year! We also didn’t want it only to be for athlete’s & their big play, but common folks’ usage whether before yoga, a big exam, or meeting. Smelling salts for all. To learn more, check out Native Salts about section here:

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